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I Am Not The Story, Just
Part Of The Story

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My Story

Meggi Aransevia Stewart is an ardent believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Despite facing disappointments, challenges, and setbacks throughout her life she has managed to triumph over them all through her consistent prayer, dedications and relentless faith in God and submission to His word. One could describe her as a late starter in attending higher institute of learning, where she proudly achieved Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Christianity, while being a wife, and a mother to two small children at the age of thirty-nine. Now, a Client Service Director, empowering and supporting others to achieve their God given potential recognizing that they are “NOT THE STORY BUT A PART OF THE STORY”.

She remains confident that through unwavering faith and trust in God, you can achieve your goals. Meggi believes in sharing her experiences of God with the aim to ignite hope in her audience knowing that despite the intensity of life’s challenges one can overcome. “I am not the story but part of the story” was inspired by the Lord to encourage, stir-up, motivate, and inspire, both believers and nonbelievers alike to pursue and study God’s word.

About the Book

This book that I have written reflects my personal story created with the knowledge that everyone's life is a story. In fact, I've realized that my life is a story subset within a bigger story. God created His story for my life asking me to be a part of His narrative. 

This book was written in obedience to God's will expressing the reality that although we may not like the story of our lives, the Bible is God's major Story for everyone. However, we have a choice to become part of God's Story or choose to ignore His voice and plan while creating a story of your choosing. God's Story is not always a smooth, sweet melody of enjoyment but sometimes can be as complicated as a broken car to its owner, needing a mechanic to diagnose, and explain faulty setbacks as explained in this book. 

My hope for each reader is that they will stop long enough and take a hard look in examining their life's story in light of God's Story as recorded in the Bible. Then, if necessary, each reader will make the necessary adjustments to intentionally use prayer and the Scripture as guides to understand the Story and one's role in it.  In sharing my life's story, I also hope to leave a witness to God's Story as a legacy to my children and their children as they read this book. The discovery of doing so offers an exciting, authentic, and an unforgettable experience to be had by the reader of God's Story. 

The Apostle Paul shared that personal experience when he penned, 
"But, as it is written, What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.  But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit.  For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God." 1 Corinthians 2:9-10


Enjoy your journey! 

My Books

My dear friend Meggi Stewart welcomes you into an insightful analysis of faith, atonement, and the life-changing impact of God's love in the engrossing pages that follow. I Am Not The Story, Just Part of The Story is an expedition through the depths of human weakness
and the glorious grace that surrounds us when we yield to a greater cause. It is not merely a recital of one's own experiences.

The story of Meggi begins with a touching experience featuring a worm in her favorite dish. This experience lays the foundation for a greater comprehension of the biblical truth, you were bought at a price; (1 Corinthians 6:20 NKJV) and causes Meggi to have a spiritual
awakening. What starts out as a cooking accident turns into a fascinating allegory for how God can restore our lives even when we feel like we are flawed.

You will find as you read these pages that Scriptures eternal wisdom and Meggi's own experiences are quite similar. The setting of ancient Corinth, a city distinguished by moral degradation and intellectual vigor, draws a powerful analogy between the struggles we encounter
in our daily lives and the city. Meggi skillfully combines her observations with the words of the Apostle Paul, shedding light on the universal themes of restoration, freedom, and the call to exalt God in all facets of our existence.

The core insight of this book is that we are not separate stories, but rather essential strands connected into the vast fabric of God's Story. Meggi fosters greater engagement with the divine storyline that unites us all by providing a safe environment for readers to contemplate on
their personal experiences through her candor and sensitivity.

May Meggi's writings inspire you, may our common difficulties bring you comfort, and may the unwavering love that pours from the Author of our shared story give you hope as you set out on this literary journey. I Am Not The Story, Just Part of The Story is a call to delve into
the riches of your faith, welcome the transforming power of grace, and celebrate the reality that you are a vital component of God's grand design in progress.

I am honored to write this foreword for Miss Meggi Stewart’s book. Miss Meggi is a lady of strong faith, compassionate, sincere, loving, humble, and most importantly loves to share the love of Jesus Christ to everyone. I hope your reading experience is enlightening and transformative.

Alexander F. Laceras, MD
Meggi Stewart’s Brother in Christ

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Book Release
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